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Just a few random thoughts to get off my chest before bed:

  • My new job is amazing! I really enjoy the culture of the company and what I do.
  • Sometimes (more like all the time) I compare myself to those around me. Am I prettier? Am I thinner? Why does she have a boyfriend? I wish I had one because I would be a great girlfriend. No I wouldn’t - I love to self sabotage. Why don’t I deserve a great guy? Why is everyone married and having kids? Why can’t I do that? What is wrong with me that I can’t have a husband and kids? I am 26 so this basically means that I am running out of time.

I wish it would just stop, but I can’t turn something off that has been on for so long. I feel like the only thing I am good at is work….is that so bad?

After this unemployment class, I have lost even more faith in society. As you can see, I put that I can speak French on the state’s version of my resumé. You can also see that the office of unemployment added a note asking if I can speak English. I thought you didn’t need to put that considering the ENTIRE document is in English.


I had the most amazing day today!!! Not only was I super productive, but I also got some really good news that I will officially share on Tuesday. 

Oh - and did I mention I got Book of Mormon tickets today!!! I cannot wait to see this amazing musical with my mom. I LOVE musicals more than I could possibly say!

It seems like everything is going my way right now! Shopping trip in the morning to get new clothes….like I need more lol!


It’s officially been a little over a month of being unemployed. I am still hoping to be employed by the end of June.

Today my interview for a company in Louisville was cancelled 30 minutes before the scheduled time. I was literally in their parking lot when I got the email that it was cancelled!

Life is pretty easy though…now that I don’t have to worry about a rent payment, I will be splurging on some amazing musical tickets.

I also have to get my car fixed so that it can make it back and forth for interviews. I can only look at the negative things that have happened to me over the last couple of months as blessings.


Today was pretty successful. I got a lot of job searching done, and figured out how to compile all of the stuff I need for unemployment. I also had an interview today. The interview went well and the company looks really cool! There is also a chance that I could move up within the company. 

I also went to breakfast at Perkins, went to the grocery, and then made cocktails and huac before going to dinner with my grandmother. I love being in Florida! Now to catch up on some shows and go to bed early!

Thank god for the best little sister in the world! We may not be sisters by blood, but this girl here understands my twisted humor, love of Disney, how funny a “code v” can be, and how my brain operates. I was having the worst week until we went on our shopping adventure today! I am so glad she came home for a bit and I CANNOT WAIT until I go to Florida next week to see her. Watch out EPCOT and Magic Kingdom because here we come! 

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