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Just a few random thoughts to get off my chest before bed:

  • My new job is amazing! I really enjoy the culture of the company and what I do.
  • Sometimes (more like all the time) I compare myself to those around me. Am I prettier? Am I thinner? Why does she have a boyfriend? I wish I had one because I would be a great girlfriend. No I wouldn’t - I love to self sabotage. Why don’t I deserve a great guy? Why is everyone married and having kids? Why can’t I do that? What is wrong with me that I can’t have a husband and kids? I am 26 so this basically means that I am running out of time.

I wish it would just stop, but I can’t turn something off that has been on for so long. I feel like the only thing I am good at is work….is that so bad?

After this unemployment class, I have lost even more faith in society. As you can see, I put that I can speak French on the state’s version of my resumé. You can also see that the office of unemployment added a note asking if I can speak English. I thought you didn’t need to put that considering the ENTIRE document is in English.

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